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Kamina Nagel The Glow Seeker

Hi beautiful.  I’m Kamina, a passionate, adventure-seeking, juice-guzzling wellness lover with a gypsy-soul.  Fond of flowers & tea, vintage beers & green juice, books made of paper, walking in nature and downward dogs.

My dream as a Glow Seeker is to inspire you find happiness and balance in your life by being eternally curious, pursing your passions, fuelling your body with clean food, empowering your mind with wisdom and gratitude and filling your space with inspiring people, places, books and ideas.

Just by reading this you have already taken the first step to creating your most vibrant, curious self.

We are all seekers.

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I believe…

//Happiness is a gift we can only give ourselves, and that this requires forgiving and accepting our flaws and honouring what we want to be and do –  not what we think others want from us.

//Our body is a temple, and is the only place you will really live for the rest of your life.  You can surround yourself with pretty things, happy people and lots of money but if you don’t surround your heart and mind with a healthy, strong, glowing body you may never be your most vibrant and true self.

//Curiosity is vital in our journey to happiness.  Not only does it introduce us to people, places, activities and ideas that inspire us to be better and do better, but it also gives us the opportunity to be grateful for what we have and view our world in a more positive light.

//Fear is the root of all evil, whether it’s war or cancer.  Fear paralyses us from accepting others, loving ourselves, and prevents positive energy from filling our body and mind.  This energy, whether you believe it or not, is more powerful than any drug.


Me on my beloved bike in Surry Hills


A little more about me…

Born in Japan to a father from Germany and a mother from the Philippines, I’ve had the joy of living in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, England, Malaysia, Canada, China and Australia.  Travelling is a great hobby of mine and, to be honest, I’m more comfortable with the idea of moving to a new place after a few years than staying in one place for too long.  I’ve travelled to 26 countries so far, and my goal is to visit all the continents before I’m 30! Only 2 to go.

Thankfully, all of this moving around ultimately led me to Sydney, where I met my favourite person and boyfriend of nearly four years.  We live together in our gorgeous new apartment in Centennial Park.

My loves include laughing until my face hurts, my family, my friends, travelling, writing, hugs and snuggles, camping, being outdoors, french bulldogs, exploring the blogosphere, fresh flowers, juicing, cooking, reading and yoga.

But above all, I love waking up and being completely and utterly happy to be me.


I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey.

Glowing always,

xx Kamina

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One Thought on “About Kamina

  1. Waynos on March 2, 2014 at 1:54 pm said:

    After reading some of your thoughts Kamina, I understand more why over the years I bump into you in the strangest of places. Such as smoke filled art caves on Cockatoo Island, random streets and the like often many suburbs from home. Nothing is for nothing and there is no such thing coincidence. The answer to very good questions such as, Why do we see the same people around the place and what have they got to teach us?’ is probably not so mysterious. Working on Dominos back in the day, I always enjoyed your calmness and light when things were frantic, and dug that about you. I don’t recall talking about off-limits-office-environment topics such as the importance of things like; Gratitude, yoga, meditation, being true to ones purpose, being of service for the greater good, is-ness. the great I-AM, that I climbed a big tree during lunch because it felt so good or the massive charge I got on the balcony on smoke-breaks from sending out my thanks to mother nature (my god.. the majesty of clouds, sunsets, birds, storms, manmade creations) and being given back a huge ball of chi to float back to my desk to enjoy. I’m very sorry to hear of your recent loss and so appreciate your ‘heart on your sleeve’ wide-open truthfulness blogged about here. Keep it up and see where I unexpectedly bump into you next. Peace/love W

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