About me

Hi beautiful.  I’m Kamina.  

A writer, love-fuelled life coach and forever Glow Seeker.

I’m an awe-seeking, juice-guzzling wellness lover with a big laugh a tendency to wander. I strive to support my clients by helping them shine a light into their darkness, and use that wisdom to emerge with an unshakable sense of purpose, joy and love for their life.

Fond of flowers & markets, tea & pale ales, books made of paper, hanging out with trees and chillin’ in downward dog.

But above all, I’m passionate about helping seekers, seekers like you, live a life you seriously love – darkness and all.

Because I believe that love has the power to change the world, and that the shift must start within yourself.

I believe happiness is a gift we can only give ourselves, one that requires us to give our flaws and our fears the big hug they never had and honour what it is that makes us smile all silly-like. 

I believe curiosity is vital to our lifelong journey in happiness.  Not only does it introduce us to people, places, activities and ideas that inspire us to be better, do better, it also gives us the opportunity to understand what it means to be grateful for what we have.

I believe you have all the answers you’ll ever need to discover your own unique happiness – it’s just a matter of asking yourself the right questions.  Somehow, along the way, this world started putting too much importance behind the wrong ones.

Kamina Nagel

I’ve met my darkness many, many times.  But nothing compared to the darkness that followed my fathers cancer diagnosis.  My family was staring death in the face, and the fear and pain so great no words I know will ever explain.

But it was in that place where life finally started to make sense.  It gave me the courage and clarity to peel back layers of myself I’d built up my entire life, and reveal the glow that had been there the whole time.

My dad has always been my hero.  A hero I never considered could ever leave me, because heroes don’t die.  They just don’t.

He came from a modest hotelier family on Helgoland, a tiny little island off the coast of Germany.  At 16, he threw his bags on a ship to Hamburg and supported himself completely from then on.  He followed his father’s footsteps into a career that led him to become General Manager of some of the most successful Hilton Hotels in Asia.  All while supporting his beautiful wife and three children, and owning and managing the breathtaking Lotus Terraces, our luxury villa resort on Koh Samui, Thailand.  2013 was meant to be his last year in the business before he could finally relax after almost 50 years of hard work.

Then, in April 2012, our world crumbled.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Nothing in the world could prepare me for the destruction cancer would bring.  The first nine months were a blur of sadness, denial, frustration and full-blown rage. Yet, in the last four months of his life, my family was fortunate enough be able to spend beautiful, uninterrupted time together.  Our priority was each other.

Love kept my family afloat, especially in those moments we lost all hope.  And it was tapping into that love that opened up a new world for me, a newfound clarity.  I just wish I had learned it sooner.

On May 31 2013, my dad died after a long and incredibly brave battle, surrounded by all the people he loved most in the world.  I miss him so much.

Dad and I on Helgoland

Those four months spent together as a family taught me more about life than my past twenty-six years combined.

Life is about more than just making money, eating at the best restaurants, being skinny, having tons of friends, having quick coffee catch ups, chasing the next promotion.

It’s about doing what you love, spending real-time with the people who inspire you and make you laugh, appreciating, accepting and loving your family, eating healthy and whole, challenging your body and mind everyday and passionately seeking out the best possible you.

Life is about seeking out that fiery, passionate something that makes you glow so bright it’s contagious.  Soaking it up from people who inspire you, forging it by helping others in need, feeding it by keeping your body strong and stepping into the glow already burning inside by aligning your life with what your heart really wants.

Let go of the things that make you kinda-sorta happy and make space for what you love more than anything – then bask in that shiny space.

Because only you can glow like that.



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  • http://themindfulmorning.com Joanne | The Mindful Morning

    Hi Kamina – Thank you, thank you for sharing such a vulnerable and authentic side of you. I can’t even begin to imaging what it is like to lose someone who is that close to you, but I can feel the love that you had for your dad in this space – it’s so powerful and moving!

    I’m so glad I found your blog – it’s so beautifully written and your words have such an emotional effect on me – it’s uplifting and calming!

    Much love + Namaste


    • http://www.theglowseeker.com Kamina Nagel

      Oh Jo, thank you so much for these words. I am so glad that you found me too, because I’ve just spent the better part of an hour reading your beautiful blog! Those two hours in the morning I have before I go to work are so precious to me, but I often find myself in overwhelm by how much I want to try and squeeze into that time – this online space you’ve created is making me feel so much more expansive and inspired about this time again. And I can’t wait to try your quinoa porridge! Thank you again for your beautiful note. Would love to connect with you if you’re ever in Sydney! Much love, Kamina x